Zero the Cat-Rabbit
Normal form(left) and Phaetonic form(right)


Phaetonic cat/rabbit mix


Alive for around 40 years, 20 physically


Nibbler Inn, Avinville, Thunder Province, New Stellia


Brown rabbit with dark brown points on ears and creamy underbelly+paws with a cat tail and magenta colored eyes.



Zero the Cat-Rabbit is a brown cat-rabbit who is a former victim of the Phaetonic testing.


Early LifeEdit

Zero was born in Midbranch to a rabbit mother and a cat father. Her parents were very loving and understanding, and took very good care of her. She was an only child, so she never had known what it was like to have siblings. Her parents heard knocking at the door one day, and opened the door to Humanist corps. They talked to them calmly and asked for their daughter for the testing. They were nervous, but foolishly agreed, due to the under-exagerated descriptions of Phaeton. She was taken away.

She was placed into a mixed-breed group, the 12th group tested, number #3-12. Zero was placed in Phaetonic stasis chambers for her testing. Her results were drastic. A bone exoskeleton formed over her arms in the shape of sharp coverings. Horns grew from her forehead and spikes from her the back of her spine, and her screlas turned black. She had no mental problems, but her appearance was extremely odd. She was placed in a stasis chamber with Gaedon like Kit was. Once the Anti-Humanist rebellion happened, many of the test subjectees escaped, and wandered throughout Stellia aimlessly. Zero had been trapped in the Stasis Chamber and only escaped after a long sleep nearly 30 years later. Before she left she aquired Gaedonic bands from the now abandonded to pursue her appearance effects. She also included some mits for extra effect. 

She only meets Team Escapees after she catches a glimpse of Kit the Cat in the grocery store, recognizing her from the Phaeton facility. She follows her home to her unawareness and knocks on their door a few minutes later. 


She technically does not have a home, so she visits the hotel often and eventually ended up staying there. She booked a room down the hall. Zero finds out about their story, including Saber and Griefer and The Foundation. She promised to help them out, and becomes their friend quickly.


Zero, despite her menacing appearance, is actually very kind and nuturing. She is very warm and welcoming, and greets others with open arms. She also has an adoration for cute things, and finds Kit the Cat and Lavender Rose the Cat ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. She fawns over them and considers kidnapping them for their cuteness! She often sets them up in cute, showy outfits for her own reasons. She actually thinks pretty much everyone is cute. Even Griefer.


Unnamed parents

Main AbilitiesEdit

Character DesignEdit

Zero is a light brown cat-rabbit with magenta pink eyes and dark brown points on the back of her ears. She also has a creamy underbelly and underarms. In her Phaetonic form she has a black and blue exoskeleton around her arms, similar to knives; with black screlas and blue horns and spikes on back. She wears a hot pink tanktop and black sweatpants with a cat tail.


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