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Kitt Tassion Kyper
Kit the cat


"Kit" Kitt Tassion Kyper




Girl (she/her)




Light gray fur and a light blue underbelly with a dark gray sclera and cyan eyes.


Bisexual* (Homoromantic heterosexual)


The Nibbler Inn, Avinville, Thunder Province, New Stellia

Kitt Tassion Kyper is one of the protagonists of the Team Escapees saga. She is an escaped test subject from the Phaeton Foundation, and a convict from the FFDB organization. Her body is physically that of a child's (and is frozen that way) due to Phaeton, but she is fifty-six years old. She has an abnormally high IQ and an interest in technology, engineering, and machinery. With this, she built a strange machine known as The Terminal, which- according to her- is used for "logging."


Early LifeEdit

Ollie and Leanne Kyper were a married Forestian couple who lived in Midbranch in the year 3E460 back in Stellia. They fell in love young, but being animals they were horribly mistreated by humans. In the streets, they were yelled at and taunted for being "Shis." Any human who associated with animals as equals also was downgraded. The couple suffered even more, because they actually tried to fit in. Acting proper and wearing the clothing of the upperclass, only to be called out more for not knowing their place.
When they had children, they had twins - Simon Kyper, the elder brother, and Kitt Kyper, the younger sister. They raised them to be proper, in hopes of making themselves look even better, but this only resulted in even more harsh treatment. "How could they raise a child to think they're more than what they are?" Ollie and Leanne often got into very heated arguments about the way the humans treated them, and sometimes they would get violent. The worse and worse the fights got, the more they withered from hopeful young cats to stubborn, terrible people. Their relationship began to crumble, and Simon and Kitt got anything but proper raising. The parents often complained and blamed their problems on the kids, who didn't even know what was going on half the time.

Ollie and Leanne, who had become drunken miserable existences, began to abuse Simon and Kitt. Elder brother Simon often shoved his little sister out of the way and took the pain onto himself, to which she wished he wouldn't do. He tried his hardest to prevent anything from happening to her, oathing that he would never, ever let anyone do anything to her, for she was all he had left. Not that he knew, but he started to become obsessed with his sister and felt the need to stay with her at all times. The abuse was getting to him and he was slowly slipping away from sanity, but he never becomes aware of this.
At the age of 6, a strange group of human men barged into the Kyper home and demanded the family to come with them quietly. Ollie and Leanne refused this order, and Leanne shouted for the men to leave their home at once - only for both of them to be shot to the floor, dead on the spot. Simon refuses to allow the men to take Kitt, and he is shot too, but it is later revealed he survives. Kitt doesn't know what to do other than simply dip her head and follow their orders without struggle.

Kitt was in the 14th group tested, number #414. She was one of the ones injected with the chemical. When she was injected with it, she immediately attacked the doctor and killed them, but it was too late. In mere moments, Phaeton changed her appearance drastically. Her fur turned pale gray, and her sclera dark gray, and eyes cyan. She had gained pure strength level 4, although her muscles show no signs of deformation in her normal appearance. This might be held back with her Gaedonic stimulation device. She also gained extreme speeds and her once independent and careless personality turned into a clumsy, agoraphobic, timid one, and she also had seizures very frequently. She also had her memory completely wiped, she could not remember anything before she became Phaetonic. When Kit arrived at the Phaeton facility, she was six years old. Her age process then immediately quickened, and stopped when she reached 14 years old physcially. Her appearance has not changed since then, no signs of growth have been confirmed. Because her effects of Phaeton were increased on her then others in her group, she and a few others were forced into stasis chambers filled with Gaedon, in attempts to find a cure for it. This did nothing. Once the rebellion happened, many of the test subjectees escaped, and wandered throughout Stellia aimlessly.

Kit, unfortunately, was found by "The Foundation". They equipped a Gaedonic stimulation device on her tail to control her mental illness, and prevented the epilepsy.They tested her extreme speeds and high strength, and tested her knowledge and memory to find out her remarkably high IQ. During her tests, Kit had an interest in machinery and technology, and over time built what she calls The Terminal. The Terminal is a computer like device that collects data to connect to certain parts of the internet. One day, she was writing down a log when suddenly text appeared on the screen, asking her a question. She was confused and startled.

"Where did Kit come from?" Was the first message. She started typing a reply, then another message appeared.

"Kit! Ae you in the FFFBD facility?" That was her first contact with Meta the Wolf-Fox. She was confused and began to talk to Meta, and she said she would help her escape. She continued to talk to the Terminal to apparently other persons who were not Meta. She heard footsteps and the door revealed a gray wolf-fox in orange apparel with a big "M" on the front of her shirt. She grabbed the Terminal and followed. Meta led Kit to safety, avoiding being caught. When they got out, they raced through the Blank Woods, running into Saber the Cat and Griefer the Cyborg Cat, until they came across an old, run down shack and stayed there.

Present Edit

While at the shack, Meta had an accident that led to her drowning in a river. The river was the same river that Sonic had drowned in, just further downstream. She consumed gallons of Phaetonic water. As soon as she fell in, Kit flashed over and dived in, and tried to pull her out. She failed of keeping her head above water, and Meta scratched Kit's left wrist causing her blood to come in contact with Meta's. This and the water infected Meta with Phaeton. She managed to bring her back up and helped her back to conciousness.

Unfortunately, The Foundation discovered they were there, and the group fled further into Avinville, ending up at Nibbler Inn. A few days after they arrived, Kit went out to get food for the group, only to come back to a Meta drenched with blood and a strange, older wolf with a small lavender kitten beside him. What happened was Meta had found her brother's Iron Cross medal, revealing he was nearby. Unknowingly, she read Dietrich's memories and found out that Saber and Griefer were in fact using she and Kit to get to Dietrich so they could kill him. In a state of rage, she attacked the two, and ended up killing Saber. Griefer escaped, though injured heavily, and ran away. Not long after, Dietrich himself arrived, along with Lavender Rose the Cat; this reunited the two siblings.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details about something that has not happened yet.

The Terminal is not used for logging at all. It is the machine controlling the time loop, using the magic of a jupiter stone battery in its' core. It was originally designed to be used to undo any bad event like Phaeton testing in the future, and in theory, was created to control the world. (Minor foreshadow to Kit's later ambitions in Team Escapees: Arc 2) Six trillion years ago, in the very first loop, Anastasia had killed Meta, and Batter killed her for doing so. Kit was shaken and overwhelmed by everything happening, and didn't know what else to do. She wouldn't find herself able to survive without having the person who gave her a life again. So she reset it. Besides Kit herself, Batter was indeed the only one to remember (other than MooMoo Pal and Saber, being other Gods). Unfortunately, after a few weeks another death occurred, and it repeated endlessly. Kit had grown too afraid to ever speak out about it, but this only made the hatred for whoever was doing it continue...


Kit is seems almost emotionless and robotic to those around her. She never shows her feelings and often feels badly about it, but it's to keep things safe. If she were to have an emotional breakdown she might blow her cover as the mastermind. As the series progresses Kit becomes more open about her feelings and starts to make the "0,0" face a litttle less.

Kit is determined, stubborn, and oblivious. She is really self-diminishing and blaming, and tends to think absolutely everything is her fault no matter what. She is stubborn because when she has ideals she doesn't let them go easily and is kind of delusional. She is oblivious as to she misses sheer details and doesn't see obvious things, and is harder to explain things to. Kit takes advantage of her physical age constantly, to get attention and get away with otherwise inappropriate behaviors. She is very perverted and uses that advantage to please her perverse needs.


Parents - Ollie Kyper (father), Leanne Kyper (mother)

Siblings - Simon Kyper (brother)

Main abilitiesEdit

  • Extreme speeds (average speed is 30 mph, calculated to run to atleast 70 mph.)
  • Pure Strength Lvl. 4 (no signs of arm deformations, possibly held off from Gaedonic stimulation device)
  • Growing rate quickened from age 6 to 14 over the course of a week. (At the moment, age is frozen)
  • Abnormally high intelligence (IQ has been rated 140-50, ironically best feature is memory)

Character DesignEdit

Kit has light pale gray fur with cyan eyes and a dark gray sclera. Her underbelly fur is blue. She wears a torn, ragged, light brown overalls-dress and a stimulation device attached to her slightly long tail. In Arc 2 she wears a light blue flowy dress. Her height in Arc 1 is 4'5, in Arc 2 it is 5'1. (5'1 is Aden's height)






Agoraphobia is a medical condition that causes anxiety. The sufferers are afraid of large open spaces, crowds, and new places. Doctors believe that people with the condition are afraid of becoming anxious.


Hematophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of blood. Severe cases of this fear can cause physical reactions that are uncommon in most other fears, specifically fainting.

General Health Edit

==== Mental Health ====

Dissociative Identity Disorder Edit

FFDB scientists also diagnosed Kit with an incredibly severe case of dissociative identity disorder. The cause was assumed to be Phaeton but it is also incredibly likely the main cause of her split identity is the trauma she'd experienced in general. Kit's alter is known as Kitt. She is the complete opposite of Kit's personality, and actually gets a laugh out of the suffering. Kitt is more adult-like and skanky, blunt, and rude.

Disorders Edit

Symptomatic partial epilepsy Edit

FFDB scientists diagnosed Kit with symptomatic partial epilepsy due to her Phaeton, but her Gaedonic stimulator prevents her from having seizures during consciousness. However, she is vulnerable to seizures while in the state of sleeping. They frighten her, so she tries to get as little sleep as possible. The lack of sleep never seems to affect her.

Other detailsEdit


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